Few spaces in the home bring the kind of peace, comfort, and beauty that a well-planned garden can. At Cornerstone, our skills incorporate more than the work itself; we offer a tailored garden design service to help you fulfil a unique vision. Designs can include:

  • Soft landscaping elements
  • Patios, decking, fencing
  • Water features
  • Structure creation

and more. With expertise in every aspect of garden design, our landscapers in Derby can work directly with you to tailor a project down to the finest details.

Cornerstone: Our Team


Good landscaping relies on the seamless pairing of many elements. At Cornerstone, our team brings the complete range of expertise needed, with full knowledge of horticulture as well as structural design experience.

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Bespoke Garden Design in Derby: What We Do


Garden design will look different for everyone. Whatever the vision you may have for your garden paradise, we can bring it to life. With both computer-assisted and pencil sketches, we will create a design based on your specifications. With meticulous planning and detailed, visual aids at every step, we guarantee clarity in collaboration.

Your Feedback


Once the initial design is finalised, nothing is set in stone. As your garden design project progresses, we are always keen to get your insight and continuing feedback. Whether you want to rethink an element or you’ve had further bursts of inspiration, our team is always happy to incorporate your thoughts.

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With any questions about our bespoke garden design service or questions about landscaping in Derby, get in touch. Serving Derby and surrounding areas, we want to help you realise your garden dreams–with a tailored plan to make it happen. Give us a call.

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Embark on a journey with our design and build process, where our creative vision transforms into tangible results. From initial design concepts to the final stages of construction, we ensure every step is meticulously planned and executed. Our projects are not just about aesthetics but also about creating functional spaces that enhance your lifestyle.

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Why Choose Cornerstone Gardens?

Expert Landscape Gardeners in Derby and Derbyshire:

Our team of skilled landscapers in Derbyshire possesses the knowledge and expertise to create stunning outdoor environments tailored to your unique preferences.

Comprehensive Garden Landscaping Services:

From initial design concepts to flawless execution, we offer a complete range of garden landscaping services: garden makeovers, patio installations, lush lawn creation, and more.

Innovative Design and Execution:

We approach each project with creativity; ensuring your garden reflects your vision while harmonising with its natural surroundings.

Attention to Detail:

Our meticulous attention to detail guarantees that every element is perfected, from plant selection and arrangement to hardscape construction and lighting design.

Client-Centric Approach:

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We collaborate closely with you, incorporating your input and feedback at every stage of the landscaping process.

Your Garden Transformation Begins Here!

Join our growing list of delighted clients who have witnessed the astonishing before-and-after transformations of their outdoor spaces. Whether you are in Derby or Derbyshire, our landscape gardeners are ready to bring your garden dreams to life.

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